"“An overview of Black Swan Events in Indian Stock Market”"


Dr. Harshada P. Aurangabadkar, Assistant Professor, Dr. Tushar K. Savale, Associate Professor, Dr. Rakesh S. Patil, Manisha Pagar – Assistant Professors
Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Nashik.


The episode of corona virus has influenced the worldwide monetary marketplace in an exceptional manner. Because of these interruptions arose in the worldwide marketplace; the monetary marketplace of India moreover responded to the epidemic and saw severe unpredictability. In the corona virus circumstance, in this study, ittries to explore the effect of Corona virus pandemic on the Indian financial exchange. Utilizing every day shutting costs of lists, for example, Nifty and Sensex, these examination looks at the unpredictability of listsduring the period September 2019 to July 2020. An extensive literature review discusses about Black Swan Events. Major review of literature discusses about various stock market Black Swan Events.Discoveries uncover that the securities exchange in India has encountered unpredictability throughout the epidemictime. This paper is an effortto discuss various Black Swan Events in Indian Stock Market. Key Word