"An Integrated Secure Cloud Storage Architecture for Ensuring Integrity of Data using Hybrid Encryption Schemes in Cloud IoT Environment"


Y. Sunil Raj (Assistant Professor), S. Albert Rabara (Associate Professor) & V. K. Sanjeevi
St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Trichy, India.


Cloud computing revolutionize the way internet is used during the past few decades. As providing everything in an outsourced fashion, it provides infrastructures such as storage too. Though everything makes it easy for as to store and access data in a fastest and easy manner, their exist security risks if not handled become more dangerous. Strengthening of security in cloud storage is need of the hour, as it is the future technology which is changing the way business is done. This paper analysing the existing security mechanisms and algorithms, could present a novel architecture for enhancing the security of storage. In order to enhance the security, systematicuse of a hybrid algorithm along with a hashing technique is proposed. The validity of the mechanism have been analysed and ensured that if implemented will present better results to the cloud architecture.