"An EmpiricalStudy on Investor Behaviour Toward Equity Investment With Special Reference to Nashik"


Dr.Tushar K. Savale, Associate Professor, Dr.Harshada P. Aurangabadkar, ManishaPagar – Assistant Professors,
Dr. Rakesh S. Patil, Professor & Head-MBA
Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Nashik.


The Stock market plays a significant role in the growth of themanufacturing and service industries of the country. The deep and liquid markets have a profound and pervasive impact on our economy. It facilitates the conversion of savings into equity investments tosupport the booming economy. Stock price movements have a profoundpsychological impact on the individual investor and businesses. The stockmarket is the story of the human behavior that is responsible for overreactionin both directions (Klarman 1991). The present study is made to determine the impact of personality traits, investor’sattitude bias towards investor’s behaviour and to measure the direct and indirect effectsof the variables relating to personality traits, investors attitude bias towardsinvestors behavior.