"An Empirical Study of knowledge of Management and Commerce students with respect to Financial Quotient in Nashik"


Dr. HemantWanjare, Dr. Harshada P. Aurangabadkar, ManishaPagar – Assistant Professors, Dr. Rakesh S. Patil, Professor & Head-MBA
Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Nashik.


Intelligent Quotient (IQ) determines the intellectual abilities and potential of an Individual. Emotional Quotient (EQ) determines the ability to use, understand and manage emotions. Financial Quotient (FQ) one of the less-discussed quotients determines the Financial intelligence of an individual. The study proposes to measure the financial quotient of students perusing professional courses in Nasik city. As these students eventually join banks and financial institutions, and go on to be the face of these financial institutions and banks. Measurement of FQ of these students will provide us with a fair idea of the depth of the financial understanding among the other segments of the society. Nasik being the A category city in terms of the total amount of mutual fund corpus accumulated, it was appropriate to choose a city that is already growing at an exponential rate in terms of investment in the capital market. Second-year or intermediate students perusing professional courses, like MBA, CA and Post graduate in commerce were the target population for the research as they were better exposed to the world of Finance and aspire to be professionals in the domain. The data collected was analyzed based on demographic factors and various parameter of measuring financial quotient. Descriptive, Convenient sampling method are used for collecting data, and analytical tool tableau was used for the analysis of the same. The research revealed that the overall financial quotient of students of CA had a higher as compared to the students perusing MBA and Post graduate in commerce.