"An Elliptical Patch Antenna for Future 5th Generation"


Gurpreet Kaur, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India.


In this design study, a linearly polarised elliptical microstrip patch antenna fed with microstrip line feed for the fifth-generation communication system is introduced. The designed structure is planned as well as simulated utilizing a 3-D electromagnetic(EM) software named High-Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) software. The structure embraces two substrates having the same dimensions. The elliptical radiating patch is imprinted on Rogers RT/duroid 5880, with an estimated value of relative permittivity is 2.2 and tangent loss of 0.0009 and, a parasitic elliptical patch is mounted on the second substrate at 26 GHz. The primary focus of this design article is to enhance the antenna gain and data transfer capacity by DGS (Defective Ground Structure) strategy and moreover to avoid excess radiations an additional plane in the ground is initiated. After excitation, results show that the designed structure accomplish a realized gain of 7.87dBi and percentage bandwidth of 33.61% or 10 GHz. The presentation of the structured antenna was likewise broke down in respect of return loss, VSWR, and radiation diagram.