"An Automated Wheelchair with Temperature Detection System"


Sangeetha C N (Assistant Professor), S. Trilochana (Assistant Professor) & Gonepelly Kasthuri Goud
St. Martin’s Engineering College, Secunderabad, Telengana, India.


In recent days persons with motor disability and venerable mankind using motility dependable devices such as wheelchair are increasing. Many physically handicapped people are impotent to operate an electrically energized wheelchair easily without making injuries to others. Also in the presently existing devices there is no provision to measure the body temperature of the person who is using the wheelchair, which is highly inevitable in this pandemic situation. This paper presents about hardware modelling of an Automated smart wheelchair with different control strategies and Temperature sensing. A prototype model of proposed system has been developed based on conventional wheelchair available in market. This model integrated configured Electronic System, Obstacle motion control by Joystick. Experiments have been conducted on the developed automated smart wheelchair for testing its proper functionality.