Anisetty Anudeep, Guntha Sushanth, Kodali Vishnu sai, Tulugu Bhanujirao & Jayanth Ravuri
dept of CSE, GITAM (Deemed to be) University, Hyderabad, India.


Aim of this Paper basically is to utilize the potential that modern technology possesses by innovating and modernizing a home. This falls under the umbrella of IOT where we arrange several sensors and actuators throughout the house with a central Arduino board that is used for data transmission. This serves the purpose of automating your home by removing unnecessary manual input (Switchboards) and thereby reducing physical strain on the differently abled and the elderly. The Arduino board is fed real time data from the sensor system which thereupon triggers the relevant outputs through the actuators. For example, a PIR sensor could help detect motion; a smoke sensor to detect fires; a TMP 36 type temperature sensor to detect variations in temperature. This sort of technology can turn a normal home into a fully automated smart home.