"An Analytical Study on Rural Consumer Buying Behaviour toward Online Shopping With Special Reference to Nashik District"


ManishaPagar, Prabodhan U. Patil, Dr.Harshada P. Aurangabadkar – Assistant Professors
Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Nashik.

Priyanka T. Sawale, Assistant Professor
College of Commerce Management and Computer Science, Nashik.


In the recent times, online shopping is giving a tough competition to the traditional commerce trade and Industry &business. As we know that technology has reached on the finger tips of each and every one so due to advancement in it the world has been narrowed down to the global village .If we talk about Indians they are heading towards online purchasing everything online be it clothes household items vehicles ,even vegetables .If we talk in terms of penetration of online shopping in rural and urban area it seems that urban area has marched ahead of rural area and it seems quite challenging to reach the rural consumers which rounds up to 75% of the Indian Population. This paper throws a light on the rural consumer’s behaviour towards online shopping. For the research purpose the sampling method used was convenience sampling and the sample was chosen from different fields and age groups from rural areas of Nashik district. A sample of 120 respondents were taken in to consideration from the rural areas of Kalwan, Peth, Trimbak, Igatpuri, SinnarTaluka of Nashik District. This study point outs the various factors which encourages and discourages the rural consumers of Nashik District in the direction of online shopping