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Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University

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"Advanced Hybrid System Optimization Practices (Solar & Wind)"


Mrs. Champa P N, Assistant Professor
Department of EEE,B.N.M.Institute of Technology,Bengaluru,Karnataka, India.

Dr.Abhay Deshpande A, Associate Professor
Department of ECE,R.V.C.E,Bengalurur, Karnataka, India.


Every country nowadays obtains its energy from a variety of sources. Fossil fuel makes up the majority of commercial sources (oil, coal and natural gas). The rate at which the world consumes energy is increasing. On the other hand, our globe is being harmed by massive carbon emissions, which is causing the greenhouse effect, thus researchers are focusing more on renewable energy sources. Hybrid conventional energy is gaining a lot of traction these days, despite a few drawbacks such as resource inconsistency and unavailability. The main goal of this research is to look at how to model a PV wind hybrid system and how to optimize it under various scenarios by considering different methods