Puja Gope, Research Scholar
Department of Management/ Maharishi University of Information Technology/ Lucknow/India.

Dr. Trupti Singh, Assistant Professor
Department of Management/ Raja Balwant Singh College/Agra/India.


India’s banking system is highly developed, even though it is still far from meeting world standards in terms of scale, goods, and services. To compete with other players in the industry, Indian banks have realized that in addition to organic growth, they must also expand inorganically. Banking has been the subject of concern for the banking industry in this scenario. Gronross, a service marketing specialist, suggested that to achieve simultaneous success, a service company must enhance its service efficiency. It must first decide how customers view service quality and then determine how service quality is affected. Customers have become more quality conscious all over the world, resulting in a rise in consumer demand for higher quality service. This latest wave of quality recognition and focus has an impact on service operations all over the world. As a result, servicebased businesses such as banks are obligated to offer outstanding customer service to retain a competitive edge. This research identifies essential quality dimensions that banks can use to establish strategies for enhancing service quality. According to the results of the current report, public sector banks in Lucknow are losing market share to private and foreign banks. Both public sector banks are being forced to implement creative services and schemes to maintain existing customers and draw new ones in this competitive climate.