"A STUDY ON RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION With refernce to Care Hospital, Visakhapatnam"


Dr. RanjitKumarsiringi, Assistant professor
Department of commerce and Management Studies Andhra University,visakhapatnam.

Dr. V. Hari Babu, Assistant Professor
Department of Political science and Public Administration Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.


The importance of human capital and human asset cannot do ignored; rather it is that line of business that could lead any organization to attain heights. This is the factor that makes difference between one organization and another. Getting the right person at the right place and then retaining him is the main area of concern in today’s corporate world. Hence, the emphasis is being laid to device policies and programs in such a manner that it leads to retention of the desired manpower and thus contributes towards organizational development. Each organization is now thriving to attain the best person i.e. the knowledgeable worker and leverage their wisdom towards the achievement of the organizational objectives. Nobody wants to have the third best or the second best, but to have he best person in the organization it becomes very difficult to retain them.