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"A Comprehensive Study of Women Entrepreneurship in India-A 3Es Model for Education, Self-Employment and Empowerment"


Dr. Pooja Aggarwal, Associate Professor
School of Management, Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow- 227105, Uttar Pradesh, India.


Women are an important element of Indian society. She has always played an important part in the development of not just her family and community, but also of the Indian economy. Statistical data as in 2021 suggests, women make up for over half of the Indian Population. Today’s woman is not a traditional or useless resource confined to the home. It’s past time to welcome, support, and inspires this highly productive, passionate, talented, and underutilized resource. Entrepreneurialism is conducive to the flourishing of a society in a burgeoning economy like that of India. It is now recognised that ambitious women have entrepreneurial abilities that may be exploited to transform them from job seekers to job givers. Women’s entrepreneurship is in high need in order for the economy and society to thrive. Females comprise the majority of the Population in India, but their engagement in economic ventures is constrained. Through various programmes, laws, and subsidies, the government should make an effort to encourage women to participate in entrepreneurial initiatives. Women entrepreneurs are a diverse population with a range of ages and demographic backgrounds. During the course of starting and maintaining their businesses, they face a variety of gender-specific and gender-neutral problems. In India, entrepreneurial activity is relatively low. Women’s entrepreneurship is the only method to empower women and instil confidence and liberality in them. It would also lead to a reduction in the rate of unemployment in India by not only employing themselves but also employing others in the society.