"A Comparative Study on Effective Learning through Electronic Devices"


M. Bala Kumar, Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies, Chennai.

Dr. P. Sri Jothi (Associate Professor & Head), Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies, Chennai.


The main aim of this research is to compare the positive and negative effects of various electronic devices such as mobile, laptop, television, radio, and e-readers during this pandemic period. This research work helps to understand the effectiveness of the electronic mode of learning. Currently, many institutions are conducting online courses through various e-learning tools. Furthermore, schools and universities are conducting online classes to complete uncompleted syllabus and portions. The opinions of the learners on various mobile and e-devices were analyzed to find out the positive and negative effects of online teaching, learning, and evaluation. The positive effects such as effective communication, flexibility, and convenience were taken into considerations. At the same time, the issues related to security, digital divides, facilities, data availability, and effective evaluations were also analyzed in this study. The qualitative method of analysis was used to find out the effects of learning and teaching among students. Various electronic tools like TV, Radio, Mobile phone, Laptops, and e-readers were taken to compare the effectiveness. This research clearly shows that the positive side of the e-learning mode is considered effective in the current situation. Furthermore, the study finds a lack of safety, security, internet connectivity and storage capability varies among learners. Also, this research shows that mobile phones are very effective than the other e-devices during this pandemic period.